Contrary to popular belief, America’s 50+ consumers can transform your business.

In the U.S., 117 million people aged 50 and over hold over 70% of all wealth. Out of this group, we’ve identified 31 million consumers who drive the American economy with their purchasing power and influence. We call them the Focus Five0.

Let us show you how this cohort can fuel your growth.

Five0 Consulting

Five0 Consulting exists because America’s 50+ population has been misrepresented and misunderstood for too long.

The U.S. is on the verge of becoming a mature society, one in which there will be more people over 65 than under 18. Americans over 50 possess more than 70% of the nation’s wealth. This cohort represents the world’s third largest GDP, making it an obvious, yet overlooked opportunity for businesses.

Historically, businesses have done a poor job of connecting with the 50+ audience, not just in advertising, but in the design of services, products, brands, and even business models. The time has come to be smarter about this audience. It is sizable, expanding, affluent, and surprisingly dynamic.

Five0 is dedicated to helping businesses grow by connecting them to the needs and desires of America’s 50+ market. Now is the time to transform your business by harnessing the power of today’s vibrant 50+ market.


Growth and Innovation Strategy

With expertise in strategies that are highly effective with 50+ consumers, Five0 specializes in the development and evaluation of robust and sustainable growth.

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Brand Strategy And Design

Combining strategic and creative resources, Five0 helps brands develop powerful and differentiated brand strategies that resonate with the 50+ audience.

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Audience Activation

Accelerate impact and sales performance by appealing to the unique attitudes and behaviors of the most valuable 50+ segments.

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Team and Talent Development

Five0 provides hands-on training and leadership development opportunities for internal teams that increase brand and creative performance.

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Focus Five0

31 million strong – the world’s most desirable and valuable audience.

Five0 Consulting has identified America’s most dynamic 50+ consumers with the financial means and resources to transform a brand’s bottom line – the Focus Five0. This audience has the most time, influence, and purchasing power and remains healthy enough to lead active, engaged, and purposeful lives.

Five0 has developed a proprietary segmentation of the Focus Five0 audience. We help companies understand the added value this target brings to their business and the higher-order values of its members, as they are willing to pay a premium for brands that meet those expectations.

The Focus Five0 Report

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Focus Five0 Insights

Over 1000+ interviews covering attitudes, behaviors, and purchase habits.

Qualitative in-depth interviews with detailed personas and a longitudinal panel.

Six distinct segments of people who know exactly what they want and have the means to pay for it.